Lab Personnel Alumni

Name Graduation Year/Degree Dissertation Topic
Eric Chyng-Maw Su 1987 (Ph.D.) Biaxial Compression Fatigue of Concrete
Weisu Yin 1991 (Ph.D.) Static and Fatigue Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Uni- and Bi-Axial Compression
Abdeldjelil Belarbi 1991 (Ph.D.) Stress-Strain Relationships of Reinforced Concrete in Biaxial Tension-Compression
Xiaobo Pang 1991 (Ph.D.) Constitutive Laws of Reinforced Concrete in Shear
Li-Xin Zhang 1992 (M.S.); 1995 (Ph.D.) Constitutive Laws of Reinforced Elements with Medium-High Strength Concrete; Constitutive Laws of Reinforced Membrane Elements with High Strength Concrete
Xiangdong Gao 1999 (Ph.D.) Framed Shear Walls under Cyclic Loading
Ronghua Zhu 2000 (Ph.D.) Softened-Membrane Model of Cracked Reinforced Concrete considering Poisson Effect
Mohamad Y. Mansour 2001 (Ph.D.) Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Membrane Elements under Cyclic Shear: Experiments to Theory
Ratachanok Chantrakarn 2001 (M.S.) Minimum Shear Steel and Failure Modes Diagram of Reinforced Concrete Membrane Elements
Dinesh Kumar 2004 (M.S.) Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Membrane Elements under Shear and Normal Stresses
Jianxia Zhong 2005 (Ph.D.) Model-Based Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Plane Stress Structures
Daychumporn Tharavanij 2005 (M.S.) Software Development for Tilt-Up Concrete Construction
Hemant B. Dhonde 2006 (Ph.D.) Steel Fibers and Self-Consolidating Concrete in Prestressed Concrete Beams
Erick Effendy 2006 (M.S.) Reversed Cyclic Tests on Low-Rise Shear Walls
Jun Wang 2006 (Ph.D.) Constitutive Relationships of Prestressed Concrete Membrane Elements
Korb Limsuwan 2006 (M.S.) Constitutive Relationships of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete